A Place for Everyone

From 9am to 10:15am each Sunday morning, Westwood offers Sunday School classes for all ages. 


During October, all of our classes will be doing a study on Stewardship, called Cash Values. Locations for these classes can be found in the Welcome Center at our church.

2017 StewardshipStudy


the gospel project

Sunday School Bible study offers an opportunity for our students (grades 7 to 12) to have smaller group interaction and discussion.  They use a curriculum from LifeWay called The Gospel Project Chronological, which offers a comprehensive, multi-year plan focusing on the Bible as one big story about one big character: Jesus.  You can read more about this curriculum HERE.  The students meet upstairs in the Education Building in The Well, or student ministry room.


gospel story for kids

Our children's Sunday school classes, and the curriculum we have carefully selected, are just one aspect to our family discipleship plan.  You can read more about this HERE.

You can read more about the curriculum we have carefully selected for our children at its site: The Gospel Story for Kids.  We are currently working through the first section, Long Story Short, which focuses on telling the story of the Old Testament.  Each lesson focuses on finding Jesus in the Old Testament and presenting him as the ultimate hero of every story.