Faith Talks

Each week we ask our parents to have intentional faith talks with their kids at home.  The curriculum that our children are studying together in Sunday School offers a companion called "Old Story New."  This devotion includes 5 short discussion-driven devotions each week that correspond to what each child is learning on Sunday mornings in class.  These devotions can be purchased at Westwood for $20, and cover 3 years of curriculum.

God Moments

Along with intentional faith talks, we challenge parents to look for unscheduled opportunities to speak God's Word and the gospel into their children's life.  The circumstances of every day life offer wonderful opportunities to explain life from a biblical standpoint.  When parents do this they take part in the same type of discipleship that Jesus did so well with his disciples.  Simple real-life illustrations can powerfully shape the life and learning of a child.  This may seem difficult to some parents, but as we grow in our own spiritual walk, the Holy Spirit enables us to pour into the lives of others.  The ability to share God moments with children is a direct by-product of the parents growing in discipleship, too.