Becoming grounded in the Truth is only one aspect of discipleship.  Deeper growth requires deeper interaction with the Body of Christ.  This may be the most difficult aspect of discipleship because of our increasingly autonomous culture and busy schedules.  But, if we are to truly be committed to following Christ, this is simply not an aspect of discipleship that can be neglected.  We must be intentional about spending time with other believers.  We need the encouragement, accountability, and ministry that only this type of interaction can provide.  In an effor to help believers be intentional in this way, Westwood has a ministry called Life Groups.  A Life Group consists of a small number of individuals and families that meet together during the week.  Group members come together to fellowship, pray, and grow together.  Each week, groups are provided a study guide consisting of application questions that reflect on the previous Sunday's sermon.  This time allows for the sermon to be discussed as we work together to practically apply its message from the Scriptures to our everyday lives.  Life Groups also have consistent opportunities to serve together in ministry and missions opportunities.  Everyone is invited to attend a Life Group.  You can go to the Life Groups page, linked below, and find one that meets near you!

A second way we offer folks to be plugged in to small discipleship communities is through Sunday School.  We have Sunday School classes for every age!  They meet on Sunday mornings from 9 until about 10:15am.  We have year-round classes for every age, but we also offer various elective classes on a broad range of topics in both our fall and spring months.  Click the link below to find out more about our Sunday School program.

Life Groups

Find out more about Life Groups HERE.

Sunday School

Find out more about Sunday School HERE.