Although a large book, the Bible contains a single, unifying theme: God saves sinners. This is the Gospel. Everything else just expands on those three words. The Gospel, which means “good news”, can be broken down into four points:

  1. God. God is holy and just. He created all things and all things belong to Him — including us.
  2. Man. We are God’s creation, but instead of obeying God, we have rebelled against Him. This rebellion is “sin”, and the punishment is eternity in a place the Bible calls “hell”. Our sin requires a payment of blood, but we are unable to make this payment because we are sinful. It would be like trying to wash our hands with an oily rag. But there’s good news…
  3. Christ. Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. Because he is fully man, he can be our substitute payment. Because he is fully God, he is perfect and without sin, thus, a worthy substitute. Jesus died a substitutionary death on the cross — one that we deserved — so that through him, we can be forgiven of our sins.
  4. Response. Jesus began his ministry with “Repent and believe”. Though Jesus has done the work, we are called to make a response. That response is to repent and to believe in Jesus. True repentance and trust in Jesus result in forgiveness for our sins and a changed life.

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