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Sun, Dec 11, 2016
Passage: Luke 1
Duration: 1 hr 0 mins 24 secs
Two devout women; two distinct calls to obedience; two similar responses to that call; two lives shaped by the hand of God and used for the glory of God.
Sun, Dec 04, 2016
Duration: 51 mins 51 secs
Message from Rev. Tim Bowes
Sun, Nov 27, 2016
Duration: 44 mins 59 secs
We all need the power of God. Those who wait on the Lord, to those who expectantly look to him, will find their weakness replaced by his strength. It is strength adequate for every need – to soar over the problem, to run the race and live the life he has called us to live. All this is not a matter of willpower, but faith-filled expectancy in the character and promises of God.
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Duration: 52 mins 26 secs
God anticipates our questions, and answers any doubts we may have with an overwhelming vision of his majesty and mercy. Here in this world we seldom find great power and compassion together. Where there is great power, there is seldom mercy. Where there is mercy, there is seldom the power to apply that mercy in a personal and meaningful way. We will focus on God’s mercy next week, but today Isaiah confronts us with the majesty and power of God as the wise creator of this world, the sovereign Lord over this world, and the incomparable God.
Sun, Nov 13, 2016
Duration: 51 mins 50 secs
n one of the greatest chapters in Scripture, we find one of the greatest messages humanity needs to hear: God has not abandoned you in your sin and suffering. Today God comes speaking a tender word to your hurting heart: Comfort, comfort my people says your God.
Sun, Nov 06, 2016
Passage: Isaiah 40
Duration: 51 mins 51 secs
Today we come to Isaiah 40, and the beginning of the next major section of Isaiah. In chapters 1-39 the issue was whether or not God’s people would trust him. In the face of more powerful enemies, would Judah trust themselves and other nations or turn in faith to God? In spite of God’s promises and warnings they turn away, so Isaiah 39 ends with the sure word of judgment from God that destruction and exile would be the result.
Sun, Oct 30, 2016
First Timothy chapter 6 is a straight-forward word about practical issues we face every day. It is a word about the way we do our jobs, the way we handle our money, and the way we live out our faith in the face of temptation and opposition.
Sun, Oct 23, 2016
Passage: 1 Timothy 6
Duration: 1 hr 7 mins
This chapter is straight-forward about practical issues we face every day; the way we do our jobs, the way we view and handle our money, the way we fight the good fight of faith and pursue godliness.
Sun, Oct 16, 2016
Today we are going to look at some specific instructions for how we should live and relate to one another in this spiritual family.
Sun, Oct 09, 2016
Passage: 1 Timothy 4
Duration: 48 mins 55 secs
We are at a place in First Timothy where we go from a glorious picture of the church and Christ our Savior (I Tim 3: 14-16) to a stark warning about reality and danger of false teachers and unbiblical teaching. This false teaching can be subtle, and we can be susceptible to its lies if we are not taught and trained to recognize and fight against it.
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